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Are we alone? It seems rather unlikely. In the last ten years astronomers have discovered over 150 planets beyond our own solar system. Soon we will know how many of them contain life. And one day there will be more charted planets than you can count. But sadly, with today's technology there are no direct images of these distant worlds. Planet Quest is our artistic vision of what these worlds might look like. Join us as we marvel at the infinity of creation - using the awesome power of your PC to create an infinity of worlds to enjoy and to marvel at, in stunning 3D. And, of course you'll see nebulae, galaxies, stars, suns, comets, asteroids, moons, planetary rings and even the occasional supernova in these unique and believable scenes. Flexible music playback options are included, as well as our theme music - an original composition created by Stuart Bassett. Planet Quest is also suitable for laptop users, providing a special "low power" mode when the battery is in use. Please note that Planet Quest never repeats a scene, and yet does not require advanced graphics hardware. So dim the lights and use the music playback function to get yourself into the mood for some extrasolar discoveries! A 3D Wonders creation.

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